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Find your purpose? Be in Service.

Do you feel as if your life has purpose? This is a question I often present to others. I present it because a purposeful life is what creates a happy life. Let me explain. Often, we seek relationships, shopping habits, drinking habits, extra jobs, jobs we hate, or other vices due to our search for purpose. We fill our empty world with empty activities. We believe these activities will help us move closer to feeling fulfillment or love. We believe these activities will numb the empty void we feel inside of us. Instead, it is through helping others we no longer feel the void. We can feel fulfilled inside by serving others. Helping others helps us find happiness. It is that simple.

How does helping others, help you? This is how.

-YOU WILL FIND A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE AND DETACH. We are always consumed by our own lives. We focus on our problems thinking the more attached we are the quicker we figure out the solution. But, this idea can’t be further from the truth. The more we fret, the more we lose perspective. When we focus on others we detach from our own problems just enough to allow for sorting out. Taking the intense focus off the matter can be exactly what you need to develop a fresh idea or solutions regarding it.

-YOU WILL ALIGN WITH THE SOURCE.  Most of us believe in a source. This source can be a god, universe, or some other energy that exists to help guide us. Being in service gives us a direct line to the energy and guidance of the source. We are here on this earth to accomplish something. Each one of us has a purpose that is unique and ready to be embraced. And unless we are in direct connection with the knowledge of the source, we will have difficulty figuring this out. To do this, we must remain open and embrace a personal life goal to make our mark on the world. This mark is different for everyone. You can find your mark by spreading love and placing yourself in service to others.

-YOU WILL FIND THE SUPPORT OF OTHERS. Others love being a part of service. People get behind causes that are important to them. When you are in direct alignment with the source you get the support of others. When you are linked to the source the causes that are important to you are given to you by the source. Others will feel your passion. They will feel the absolute energy of the source coming through you and to your cause. They will be motivated to get behind you.

-LIVE YOUR TRUTH, FIND YOUR HAPPINESS. Most of us think we know who we are. Surprise! You may not. Most of pursue goals we think we should or become what others expect us to be. Most of us never pursue who we really are. There are many excuses, Lack of awareness, or fear. But, as soon as you try to align yourself with the source, glimpses of your truth will appear. The fear will slowly begin to fade. You will find that exploring that person or expressing that person feels really right. Soon you will want to be nothing but that person. The individual linked to the source. YOUR TRUE SELF!

So, what are you waiting for? Place yourself in service to find your purpose. Live the happy life you are meant to live.

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A New Year Can Be Your New Start

Happy New Year!
A new year.
A fresh start.
Around this time, most of us make resolutions. Resolutions of changes we want to make or goals we would like to achieve in the coming year.  It’s a new year and in our minds we believe it’s a clean slate. Silly of us to think a year ending would also end our bad habits. Some of us succeed at these resolutions but many fail. Many fail because committing to the work it entails to complete these goals is usually a difficult task for the individual trying.  Completing goals such as losing weight, finding a new job, or a new love relationship requires great strength, focus, determination, and the desire to commit to you. How do you commit to yourself you may ask? Committing to yourself is the act of taking yourself seriously; realizing your worth, and not settling till you get what you are entitled to. So many settle for less. Inside they know something just doesn’t feel quite right but they choose not to listen. Hearing the voice and doing nothing about it is truly a crime. But, fear of success or failure can get the best of us.
It’s worse when an individual is oblivious to their inner guidance. These individuals hear nothing. No call to action. Like zombies they walk around feeling as if they have no purpose. We all have a purpose. Not realizing your true purpose or your calling is a disservice to humanity. We must be in tune to our minds, bodies, and soul in order to be aware of the guidance. Without fear we can then pursue our life’s purpose.
Why do some choose less when it does not make them happy? Is this the easy way? Ask yourself if you are choosing the easy way out? This is the year to sit back and reflect. Can I do better? Do I have more in me? For me, pushing myself to the limit is the only way. Embracing challenges, being in service to others,  and seeing the fruits of my labor brings a joy like no other. I find being comfortable difficult.
If comfort brings happiness to you then maybe you are where you need to be. These words are not for you. I am speaking to the individuals who have that little voice inside of them. This voice is pushing them to do more or to be more. To push just a little harder. It’s you who I write to. To all of you who hear that voice…this can be the year you resolve to be more and resolve to be better.
Make this your year to push a little harder.
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Understanding Anxiety And The Importance Of Coping With Stress

A stressor is any event, activity, or any other stimulant in your life that overwhelms your coping mechanisms. We all experience stress and feel overwhelmed at times. But, some people may feel these feelings more often or intense than others. Chronic feelings of stress can lead into anxiety. And chronic anxiety can usually be diagnosed by some type of anxiety disorder. As you can see, experiencing these symptoms is not something to take lightly. Also, the progression from one to the other can happen quite quickly. Taking proper care of you by remaining conscious and in touch with your body, mind, and soul is a good way to avoid slow down the progression of symptoms. You can do this by practicing wellness techniques to help in the coping process such as yoga and deep breathing. But, wellness techniques alone are usually not aggressive enough for those diagnosed with serious anxiety disorders.

Learning you’ve been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder can be quite scary. It is important to understand your disorder and what you can do to gain control of your symptoms. You must understand that even though you are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you are not your anxiety disorder. You are a complex person who comes from your own individual history and a textbook alone cannot describe your complexity.

Living life with an anxiety disorder or as a loved one of someone diagnosed with an anxiety disorder can be quite challenging. At times, life may be difficult. But what you must know is that it does get better. You can lead a healthy fulfilling life but you must choose to. You must choose to work hard to overcome the obstacles. It is a battle but with the enough work your symptoms will improve. And you can lead a full fulfilling life.


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