We are unwritten.

A few years ago, I remember speaking to a woman. To protect this woman’s privacy, I will call her Shirley. Shirley had expressed to me that she was feeling sad. Sad because she had a dream to become a nurse but she didn’t think it was possible for her. I spoke to her for a little while and asked her why she felt this way. She said she just didn’t think the goal was reachable for her. She had struggled though school and now was a mother of three children. The thought of going back to school made her uncomfortable.

I tried to understand why this woman was filled with self-doubt and fear. Since all she really needed to do was enroll in school and study hard. Simple right? But she didn’t see this matter the same way as I did. The very thing that seemed simple to me seemed impossible to her. I placed myself in her shoes and realized that I also have goals and dreams that may seem impossible right now. But to others, my goals may seem simple. I realized that our goals and dreams are relative to what we believe is possible for ourselves. These possibilities are sometimes closely related to our past experiences. So what am I trying to say? Your goals and dreams are directly related to what your mind believes you can accomplish. For example, if you grew up with parents who entertained and achieved huge goals in their lifetime. Then guess what, you may also most likely feel that accomplishing huge goals is a possibility for you. Exposure to a more expansive mindset can help your mind expand. In other words, you become what you associate with. The same is true if your brain achieved success in the past. Your brain will always remember your success and use it as a reference point to achieve bigger and better goals and dreams.

Therefore, you can see why choosing to stay in fear and not try is the true definition of failure. The truth is, most of us are the victims of our own limited way of thinking.  It may take some work but we can choose to change our thoughts from a small ignorant mindset. We can choose a more expansive view that states we are limitless. We don’t need to attach to who we are right now. We are works in progress. We are truly unwritten. The choice is yours.



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